Paul Adams - Author & Paranormal Historian

Paul Adams is an established author of Paranormal Books including such titles as Haunted St Albans (2013), The Borley Rectory Companion (2009) With Peter Underwood & Eddie Brazil and Two Haunted Counties (2010) and The Enigma of Rosalie (2017) The case of ‘Rosalie’, the spirit child, is perhaps Harry Price’s most controversial investigation and has remained a mystery for eighty years.

Current writing projects include a study of horror and the supernatural in Western music (Music Macabre), a biography of the late Peter Underwood ( Peter Underwood: The Life & Times of a British Ghost Hunter), and a horror fiction novel ( The Architecture of Evil).

In 2010, Paul Adams established the Limbury Press, a small amateur publishing house which issues specialist paranormal titles on an ad-hoc basis. So far we have published  Two Haunted Counties (2010), the memoirs of Luton-born ghost hunter, Tony Broughall (1932-2010);  The Ghost Club - A History (2010) by Peter Underwood; and  Contagion (2014), a sequel to  The South Shields Poltergeist by the Tyneside-based researchers Michael Hallowell and Darren Ritson. The Ghosts of Camberwell & Peckham, a collection of true ghost stories from South London by Eddie Brazil is planned for 2016.

Books By Paul Adams

haunted St Albans Extreme hauntings Borley Rectory Companion
Ghost & Gallows Haunted Luton shadows in the naive
Two haunted counties Little Book Of Ghosts Written in blood
Haunted Stevenage The Enigma Of Rosalie  


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